Mikeal S. Dixon | About
I am a spiritually grounded, aging and out-of-shape husband of one, father of four and grandfather of two. Born, raised and currently living in South-central Idaho, right in the middle of the Snake River plain, surrounded by big skies, beautiful country and beautiful people.

As I look back at my life, I find that the most vivid and satisfying memories I have are those that relate back to the times I was able to immerse myself in creating and teaching. Photography allows me to engage in both of these fulfilling activities. Since I picked up a camera in earnest again, about 8 years ago, the world around me continues to become a much more complex and beautiful place. There is a myriad of powerful emotions that radiate from the world around us and the life that inhabits it. Both small and large. Both joyful and oppressive. I love to sit in nature, or stand on the street corner, and find those emotions and then tackle the challenge of showing those emotions on a sheet of flat media.

I believe that the thought patterns and energies we access while pursuing our creative passions are very closely related to, and intertwined with, those that make up our spiritual being. I also believe that the key to success in any part of our lives (a key that much of the world has lost) is to subdue the ‘natural’ man that is part of all of us and allowing the far more powerful and wise ‘spiritual’ part of our selves lead out. Tuning into our creative energies is a great way of accomplishing this task.

I have heard many times that, ‘the only way to get beautiful photographs is to put yourself into beautiful places’. I believe that to truly be an artist, you have to be able to make the place you are in right now a truly beautiful place.